This Blog is for my Mum to put all her hobby stuff on like her Paintings,her cards that she makes and other little projects,so that my own Blog is just about me and my Adventures,xx Speedy

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A Sneaky Peek at some new Cards!

For those who have been reading Speedy's Blog know that I have been busy making cards,well they have a theme and I think you're going to love these!
This is a note card size and I have made a set of 4 of these

The others above are half A4 size and so far there are 2 of each of these and I will be making more of the cards above.

The next ones are one off designs and as I can't remake these as they didn't replicate very well or I only had parts to make one of each.



  1. just adorable! Love seeing Speedy starring on those cards!

    1. Thanks Caren When I have enough I shall be setting up a shop,xx Rachel

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sixbunnies,I have a guilty pleasure I love all things Speedy!hehehe,xxRachel