This Blog is for my Mum to put all her hobby stuff on like her Paintings,her cards that she makes and other little projects,so that my own Blog is just about me and my Adventures,xx Speedy

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Just some Seasonal things for fun!

I just thought I would share some Seasonal things I created for some up coming events in the blogging world,I did them just for fun!
This is Speedy and Maddy's entry for Mollie at Mollie and Alfie's She's holding a Halloween Ball

This is for Sammy at One Spoiled Cat  Halloween costume competition

And this is our Christmas Greeting for the Christmas video that My Three Moggies are making.


  1. They are all really cute :) I think I like the second one the best!

  2. These are great! The Hallowe'en Bunnies remind me that Rabbits Require Rights are holding a Hallowe'en party in Edinburgh

  3. Que lindo se vé nuestro amigo Speedy...Está muy lindo en las tres...Gracias por compartir y por tán linda creación