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Friday, 28 October 2016

Just a little Thanksgiving Project for you all to make!

Hello everyone,it's been awhile since I last posted here but I thought you would like to try this or give it your children to make too.Its  a Thanksgiving card though it could be just a happy autumn card.
What you will need is A5 size sheet of pale yellow paper,a sheet of A4 size white card folded in half,some brown paper,green paper,orange paper,an A5 size envelope a black pen and some pva glue or a glue stick.You will then need to print out the templates in the picture below with the thanksgiving banner on it on to A4 sheet of paper....

Cut out the shapes and the thanksgiving banner,save the banner for later.use the templates to trace out the shapes on to your orange,brown and green paper and cut them out so that you have these shapes like in the picture below....

Then arrange and stick the pieces onto your A4 folded in half card like in the photo below....

Then using a black pen draw the lines on the pumpkin,and the eye and detail on the bunny!You now have a cute Thanksgiving card ready to write your message in!Hope you have fun making this card!

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